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Running With Coach Kinsey: The Benefits of the Ice Bath

July 29, 2010

                                                                                        Chill Out! Now that you are running longer, running faster, and getting more sleep, it’s time to learn another way to recover, and recover quickly. A popular routine that elite athletes have developed over the last several years is taking a bath… an ice bath. After each hard workout, and many [...]

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The Dangers of Ballpark Food: How Safe is Your Stadium?

July 28, 2010

As if you needed another reason not to spend $25 for a Dodger Dog and a beer. For the prices people pay at ballpark concession stands, you would think those Dodger Dogs and Brewer Brats would be covered in gold plated sprinkles. Not exactly, although they may be covered in something. ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” [...]

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Vegetables Sold to Chipotle Mexican Restaurants Recalled

July 27, 2010

This latest food recall issued by the FDA definitely hits home, and is a bit disturbing for several reasons. First, it’s another product in our food supply that can ultimately kill us. Second, I eat at Chipotle at least twice a week. Chipotle prides its company on serving “food with integrity”, using organic and local produce “when practical”, [...]

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How you can “Never Be Sick Again” Podcast Part 2

July 26, 2010

swfobject.registerObject(“ssg_gplayer_object-60-0″, “9.0.0″, “”); Raymond Francis Podcast Part 2 Above is part 2 of our fascinating interview with Raymond Francis. If you have a question you would like to ask Francis the next time he comes on, just leave it in the comment section below. Not sure about you, but I nearly eliminated sugar (or as [...]

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How you can “Never Be Sick Again” Podcast

July 23, 2010

swfobject.registerObject(“ssg_gplayer_object-26-0″, “9.0.0″, “”); Francis Podcast Part One MIT graduate Raymond Francis talks about his fascinating book Never Be Sick Again. He says people have cured stage four terminal cancer after reading his book. He shares his story about going from his death bed to perfect health. Hear how Vitamin C saved his life, and why he has only been sick [...]

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Running With Coach Kinsey: How Much Sleep Runners Need

July 22, 2010

Living the Run is thrilled to welcome Marty Kinsey’s Weekly Blog, “Running With Coach Kinsey!” Coach Kinsey is the head coach for the men’s and women’s cross country teams at St. Mary’s College (Division 1) in Moraga, California. You can look for Running With Coach Kinsey every Thursday. Here is Coach Kinsey’s fourth installment…                                                                                         [...]

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The New King of Light Beers, Bud Select 55

July 21, 2010

How low will they go? Budweiser Select 55 is now the lightest beer in the world, and its marketing campaign is sure to remind you of that. With only 55 calories per bottle, it’s as low as beer can go. At least for now… If the light beer wars turn into anything like the razor [...]

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How to Stay Super Motivated and Educated: Log It

July 20, 2010

I found one very easy and productive way to stay motivated and educated about my health and fitness. I log it. For nearly three years now I have been keeping a daily workout log. It helps me in several ways. First and foremost is the motivation factor. It’s very easy for me and others to [...]

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How Fit or Fat is Your City? See the Rankings

July 19, 2010

You might think that the majority of America’s fittest cities belong to the Sunshine States like California and Florida. While they may lead the nation in fake and bakes, lypo, botox, and other “enhancements”, the sun and beach don’t necessarily correlate to being healthy and fit. In fact, many in the top ten are far from being  Sunshine States. I was very [...]

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July 16, 2010

Free Friday has arrived! Here’s your chance to win the complete Pit Master DVD Workout Boxset. Simply follow us on Twitter, find the FREE FRIDAY tweet, and then Retweet it to be eligible. The Pit Master Workout DVD’s are instructed by legendary Mixed Martial Arts trainer John Hackleman. He has worked with Chuck “The [...]

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