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Excouch Potato Turns Iron(wo)man: “Can You Hear Me Now?”

October 28, 2011

Over the last 5 months of Iron(wo)man training I have really gotten to know myself better during the heavily endorphin-flooded conversations with myself. I’ve battled some inner demons, resolved many work and family issues, and been deeply inspired digging deep into my blood pumping heart. Monday, while stroking through the longest swim of my life (5000 meters! YES that’s 100 laps!),

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Losing it With Kacie: Fall Slimming Ideas

October 26, 2011

Replace some of your meat salads this fall with refreshing lower calorie salads that don’t include high fat ingredients such as mayonnaise. Using spices and fruits added to corn, red potatoes, beans, or pasta can turn a boring salad into a wonderful taste experience and not add extra unwanted fat and calories. A recent study [...]

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LTR Radio: MMA Fighter Antonio Banuelos, Reebok Easy Tone Lawsuit

October 9, 2011

Can a 210 pound former Olympic athlete beat a 120 pound MMA Fighter? That was the big/funny question of the show. Co-host Paul Terek will soon find out! We also chat with MMA fighter Antonio Banuelos about his upcoming Dream fight and MMA training, and he also answers our big/funny question and talks about training [...]

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Doctor’s Orders: Stretching Out Your Shoulder Pain

October 3, 2011

After a long run many runners have tightness in their shoulders.  Some of the causes of this include a tight rotator cuff, shoulder capsule, upper trapezius, or pectoralis minor.  Many of the activities we do every day are with our arms out in front of us, whether its working at a computer, driving, carrying and [...]

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LTR Radio: Ergogenic Cheating & City to the Sea

October 2, 2011

We discuss ergogenic aids such as viagra, caffeine, herbs and supplements with Jimson Lee from Speed Endurance. We also chat with Brian Locher, Race Director for the City to the Sea Half Marathon and 5k. And as typical, Paul derails the show and unleashes at NBC’s coverage of track and field! Probably the best part [...]

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