Color Therapy and What Color Your Power Tie Should Be

Exploring the worlds of color therapy, chakra balancing, and color aromas can be quite fascinating. Some say the benefits are endless and include more energy, improvement in mood, ability to think clearer, and better overall physical and mental health. While there may be some skeptics, like myself, we talked to Constance Hart who owns Conscious Colors Energy Center in Los Osos, California to learn more. Hart has been in the color business for more than a decade and stopped by to explain how color therapy, chakra balancing, and color aroma therapy can benefit everyone. She also explained the meaning behind different colors, which is very interesting. Hart also answered my most pressing question! What color should my power tie be? So, brighten your life with a little color and listen up!

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0:00– Introduction

1:10– What is color therapy, energy source, and vibrations of energy

3:20– How to use colors for your benefit, color seminar on Saturday

6:15– How to translate the meaning of colors, aroma therapy

8:00– Color energy guide

9:30– What blue means, in and out of balance

10:45– Out of balance with blue

11:25– Getting in balance, bridge colors

13:39– How you can use color therapy

15:35– Benefits of color therapy

16:52– Red and its connection to fitness

17:40– Yellow and its connection to digestion and the left brain

18:00– Green and overall balance

18:50– What color your power tie should be and the dangers of red 

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