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Marty Kinsey

Interval training is a great way to focus on your leg speed, your pace, and get your legs running fast. There are wide ranges of interval programs. Today we are going to  focus on lactic threshold workouts as well as pure speed and power days. The common routine is to complete a lactic threshold workout (typically repeats that last from 2-10 minutes in length and are ran at about 10k pace, with short rest)  in the beginning half of a week, and then hit up some speed work (typically faster than race pace lasting from 30 seconds to 2 minutes in interval length with an equal time for recovery) in the seconds half of the week .

These interval days compliment each other as the LT workout will teach your body how to run at a faster pace than your recovery days for a sustained period of time, thus making your body more used to running close to race pace. The speed days will teach you body how to run faster than race pace, making the LT days easier and easier as your training progresses. This ying and yang of interval training over time will naturally make you a faster runner on race day.

An example of a Lactic Threshold workout would be to find a local track, warm up, and run 4-5 1200’s (3 laps) at roughly 8-10 seconds per mile slower than your current 10K pace. Your recovery should be about half the time it takes you to run each interval.  Don’t forget to cool down.

An example of a speed day would be to find a local track, complete a warm up, and then run10-12 300’s with an equal recovery time as the time the repeats take you to complete.  Start the first few repeats at your current mile pace and build up to about half mile pace to finish. Again, make sure to get in a good cool down.

This training isn’t just beneficial for your long-term improvement, it is actually quite fun as you can see and feel yourself improving as time goes on – Enjoy!

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Marty Kinsey
Men’s and Women’s Head Coach
Cross Country Coach
Saint Mary’s College

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