Eat Fish? Got Mercury? What You Need to Know About Your Favorite Fish

Ignorance is not bliss. If you eat fish, you should listen up. Mercury poisoning is a very serious problem that some people actually eat their way into. Buffy Martin-Tarbox from Got Mercury was our guest on Living the Run and served up some great information that fish consumers should really consider digesting. For instance, Got Mercury recommends that children, and women of childbearing age not eat certain types of fish. Find out which ones. Martin-Tarbox also explains which types of fish have lower levels of mercury and why, and how you can use the mercury calculator at to help you make healthier choices with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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For another and more in-depth interview with Martin-Tarbox check out this podcast. To listen to our podcast with investigative reporter Sue Kwon about her story “20 cans 20 days” click here. Kwon did an investigative report about canned tuna fish and her mercury levels quadrupled in just 20 days after eating a can a day.

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