Olympian Paul Terek Discusses His Retirement and Looks Back at His Career

Living the Run co-host and 2004 Olympian, Paul Terek, has decided to end his successful decathlon career. As much as I like to make fun of Paul, and vice versa, I did want to take some time on the show and recognize and honor him with a bit of a retrospective. The Michigan State alum represented Team USA on three World Championship teams, and competed in 12 countries during his impressive 12 year career. Although, he may be a little more know for his Ninja Warrior appearances, as he strutted his stuff on the popular Japanese game show! See video below. 

Paul not only explains why he retired, but I surprised him by having his former coach Harry Marra (Ashton Eaton’s coach) on the show to talk about Paul and his career. Marra says the World Championship meet in Paris in 2003 is what really defines Terek’s career. Marra says after Terek was “wrongfully” disqualified in the hurdles because the French Federation was seeking payback, Terek didn’t let it bother him one bit and still competed like gold was on the line. Congrats to Paul on his amazing career! You can listen to the entire interview below. 

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Here’s an interview I did with Paul before we started the radio show.  

Here’s an article about Terek’s retirement from Decathlon USA.

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