Making Fitness Fun With Mike Arone: Plus, Balancing Weight Lifting With Distance Running

From stand up comic to gym rat, Mike Arone definitely puts a comedic spin on fitness. The Boston native took his love for comedy and spun it with his love for health and fitness, and he does it in enemy territory. That’s right, you have to have a good sense of humor if you’re a die-hard Sox fan and you’re going to move to New York. Besides being brave, Mike has some great advice about balancing weight lifting with distance running. He also has some great tips for “active recovery” and eating on the go. In addition to the great info, I really enjoyed his thick Boston accent when he came on our radio show. Paul really enjoyed the fact that his name, Mike Arone, rhymes with macaroni! True story… Mike’s website is Warning: Arone also writes like a New Yorker! His site is fun and informative, but it’s rated R! You can listen to our entire interview below. He also has a great line about Richard Simmons…

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