How to Train Like an Olympic Decathlete: Paul Terek Podcast

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Decathletes are often considered the greatest athletes in the world. Paul Terek is one of the best to ever compete in the ten-discipline event. Terek not only qualified for the United States World Championship Team in 2003, 2005, and 2007, he  was also on Team USA for the Olympics in 2004. We talk to Terek about everything from nutrition and training, to how I took him down in a not-so-friendly game of ping pong, and his thoughts on the Biggest Loser. We also chat about what he is most well known for, his appearances on Ninja Warriors and other Japanese game shows. We definitely have some fun but he also gives some great workout and nutrition tips that I have never heard before.

Summary of Podcast, Fast Forward on audio player to these topics:

1:10– The dedication it takes to train for the decathlon

4:37– Nutrition, why eating less is more. Why Steak and potatoes should not be on your plate at the same time. The power of oatmeal. The importance of food before, during, and after training

15:50– Working through sore muscles. How taking your pulse can tell you that your body is too sore to workout. Massage therapy

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