New Reality Show Bridalplasty Sends Terrible Message: Join the Boycott of E! Television

This new “reality” show makes me physically ill and I hope the sponsors of E Television pull the plug sooner than later. I am officially boycotting E Television and ask you to consider doing the same. Bridalplasty represents everything that is wrong with our society, and E has no problem glamorizing this terrible message. I’m so glad I don’t have teenage girls who watch this channel! When I first saw a clip of this show I wanted to take a baseball bat to my TV in disgust.

Bridalplasty has a dozen brides competing for their dream wedding, and plenty of plastic surgeries and injections along the way. What is so troubling about this show is the obviously horrendous message it sends to young girls. The average age of these women is 25! The youngest is just 20! The truth is I actually feel sorry for these women. Maybe one or two of them could be considered even slightly overweight, and still they feel the need to change their physical appearances drastically. It’s not their outsides that need to be changed, it’s their insides. They need some serious TLC and some self confidence. But that is why I feel so bad, they have these delusional perceptions of themselves.

Take Kristen Sciacca (photo below) for example. She is the furthest thing from overweight and ugly, could be mistaken for a model, was crowned Miss Anaheim 2005, and is just 21! But take a look at her “wish list”!!!!

Kristen Sciacca, 21

Wish List

  • breast augmentation
  • liposuction of chin
  • liposuction of cheeks
  • laser hair removal
  • teeth straightening
  • liposuction of abdomen
  • liposuction of flanks
  • liposuction of outer thighs
  • liposuction of knees
  • Botox between eyes
  • I had no idea you could even liposuction your knees if you wanted to! And we wonder why teenage girls all over the world are turning to anorexia and bulimia. If Kristen, who is pretty much drop-dead gorgeous, needs all this work done, then imagine what impressionable and pimply-faced teens are thinking they need!

    While it will utterly pain me to miss some of my favorites shows like Talk Soup, Chelsea Lately, and yes, Keeping up with the Kardashians (I too have many flaws), I can’t support a network that puts on a show that sends such a terrible message to our youth. So I ask you to consider joining the boycott and the Facebook page supporting this boycott. Hopefully E Television and its sponsors will realize that there are plenty of people who won’t stand for this terrible message being sent to our youth. Please like the Facebook Page and take a stand for the children.

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