The CrossFit Phenomenon

CrossFit is truly making its mark on the fitness industry. With more than 2,000 affiliates worldwide, many are now becoming familiar with the CrossFit brand. We recently had Ben Green on our radio show to fill us in on everything Crossfit. Green is the head trainer and owner of Crossfit Grover Beach in California. It was very interesting to hear about the Crossfit Games and how many people, like Green, who are competing in these national competitions. We also talked about the Paleo diet which a lot of CrossFit members adopt. The interesting thing about the Paleo diet is the elimination of whole grains. It’s the first diet that I have heard of which recommends that. Green told Paul Terek and myself that it has worked wonders for him and his clients. You can listen to our interview below. You can also see a video of different workouts from CrossFit Grover Beach and hear from some of the people who are living up the CrossFit way of life.  

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