The Juice Fast is Worth the Squeeze

Do not try this at home, work, school, or anywhere without consulting your doctor first! That said… for a long time I had been very interested in and curious about fasting and detoxification. My only concerns were that I would go without protein for however long I was fasting, and you’re not supposed to do any strenuous activities. I hate admitting I lift weights, but the fact is I do. Even when I’m lifting a lot, and not injured, my “muscle mass” isn’t all that massive. Hence the reason I don’t boast about pumping iron. So, I was hesitant to go without protein during my juice fast, but I eventually decided to give it a go. Before I began I read Juice Fasting and Detoxification by Steve Meyerowitz. My big reason to do this was to give my body a break from all the“junk” I put in it. Human beings were not created to process all the artificial sweeteners and preservatives that are now packed in most of the foods we consume. I figured I owed it to myself, so I decided on a relatively short 36-hour juice fast. After reading the book I bought a juicer for about $35 and began. I squeezed (with a hand juicer)  two ruby red grapefruits (citrus fruits are not typically recommended) to start my day. I love fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, it’s way sweeter than you would imagine, and nothing like the store bought kind. Although, that is the ruby red or pink variety. I also juiced cucumbers, carrots, and cranberries throughout the day, and took a shot of wheat grass. Most of my juices were between about eight and 14 ounces. In between these juices I would drink water with fresh squeezed lemon. I only did it for 36 hours, including sleep time, but it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Although, I don’t recommend hanging out with your friends at your favorite burger joint. When you come off a fast, especially a longer one, you can’t just throw down a cheeseburger and fries. You need to come off it slowly with “soft” foods. Many people recommend you go into a fast that same way. Again, there is much to it so please do your research if you want to try it. The first thing I ate when I was done was a bowl of oatmeal. Overall, I really liked doing it, and felt a sense of accomplishment after. I am planning on doing it again, and I may go for 48 hours, but I doubt anything longer than that. Some people swear by juice fasting and do it on a regular basis. Some even say extended fasts (which can be very dangerous) have cured ailments like acne and even much more severe and serious diseases. People have claimed their skin, hair, eyes, and overall health have a remarkable rebirth. ALTHOUGH, big warning on the way: In order to get to that complete “rebirth” there is often a not so pleasant “sick period”. This sick period happens when your body, because it is only needing to digest liquid, has time to clean and purge itself of toxins. That is basically the whole point of the fast after all. BUT, that means when you are “detoxing,” the toxins have to come back out! These sick periods can often come with acne, hideous breathe, rashes, and other not so pleasant things that are coming back out. It’s when you get through the sick period that the rebirth occurs and you are all clean and detoxed. Everyone is different, and experiences and durations of these types of events will obviously vary. Having only done a 36-hour fast I don’t believe I was anywhere near the sick period and therefore the rebirth, but I know it did my body good.When your digestive system doesn’t have to spend extended amounts of time breaking down all the food and “junk” we eat and drink, it has time to do other things, such as clean out your system. Not to mention your body doesn’t have to figure out how to process all these chemicals and preservatives that are foreign to it. I felt pretty good after mine, and was happy to give my body a break after years and years of putting “junk” and mass amount of sugar into it. For 36 hours straight my body just had to deal with fresh and natural fruit and vegetable juices, along with some water. That’s it, that’s all! I think my body was very happy! Has anyone else tried any juice fasting or detox programs? Please let me know, and consult a doctor if you try one. There are certain types of people who should definitely not fast.  And fast or not, I highly recommend fresh fruit and vegetable juices, they are worth the squeeze indeed! They are very delicious and very, very good for you! Coming up soon I will be talking with Kyle Shotwell, a former NFL football player, about his experience on the Master Cleanse.

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