Increased Vitamin D Recommendations and Veganism

It’s not every day the government triples its recommendation for something. Insert your own joke here… But there’s no joking about vitamin D and how crucial it is to your health. Late last year, the Institute of Medicine drastically increased its recommendations of Vitamin D from 200 international units to 600. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to cancer, diabetes, depression, heart disease, immune system health and other health issues. Scott Reaves, PhD, a good friend of the show, recently came on Living the Run and talked about this very important topic.

We also talked about my vegan experiment and got his thoughts on veganism. This is the Cal Poly nutrition professor’s second time on the show. The first time we chatted about sports drinks, post-workout meals, and high fructose corn syrup. You can listen to that interview here. For our most recent chat about Vitamin D, veganism, and other fun stuff you can listen below. There are two short segments for your enjoyment. Olympian high jumper Sharon Day will be our guest this week.

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