Two Toes Up for Toe Socks

My ugly feet in my pretty new toe socks

My first run in a pair of toe socks was a good one. I recently picked up a pair of injinji toe socks, and after realizing there is a precise technique to putting them on, I headed out for a four-mile trek. It took a few minutes to get used to the feel of something around my toes, but after a short time I forgot all about them.

I typically get a little chafing and small blisters between my toes and thought, why not give the toe socks a try? After all, that’s pretty much the purpose of them. My feet are kind of unique in the fact that the space between my toes is pretty much non-existent. For some reason my right foot is worse than my left in regards to space. Obviously without space, air can’t get in between your toes and dry them. That, my friends, usually equals blisters. The toe socks not only provide a little spacing, but they keep all areas of the toes dry. When I got back from my run I took off my sweat-soaked socks, and to my delight my toes were pretty much completely dry.

The injinji performance series socks that I wore are made of 70% coolmax, 25% nylon, and 5% lycra. The only minor issue I had with these socks was I felt like they were occasionally slipping a tad.  Then again, I typically experience some slipping when wearing non-cotton socks. I need to experiment more with synthetic socks.

I will still need to keep running in these socks to completely understand their effectiveness, and to find out if my occasional blisters and chafing will disappear. But, I would definitely recommend trying some toe socks and finding out for yourself. My injinji performance series toe socks cost $11.95 at Running Warehouse. Having talked to many runners about toe socks, they seem to be very polarizing. From love to hate and not much in between. However, I would say give them a try. Once you go toe, you never know…

Blister Prevention Tips:

1. Remove your socks immediately after exercise. The sooner air can get to your smelly toes and feet the better.

2. Change your socks often. When playing soccer, I change my socks at halftime.

3. Try toe socks or non-cotton synthetic socks. Many claim to simply wick the moisture away!

4. Get some air conditioning for your shoes. “Breathable” shoes will help.

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