How Heavy’s Ricky Wayne Got Light

Ricky's size 66 pants that he used to wear. Now him and his brother both get a leg!

There’s no million dollar carrot, alliances or voting-off on A&E’s reality show Heavy. The show does offer a unique opportunity for people to lose weight and gain their lives back however. Ricky Wayne McCartney has taken full advantage of getting his life back. At 35, McCartney started the show at 555 pounds, and has since lost nearly 200 pounds in less than a year. He was dealing with a host of medical conditions including depression, and could only sleep one-two hours a night as breathing was difficult. McCartney was a recent guest on our radio show where he talked about trying out for the Biggest Loser but being “too fat”, eating steak at 10 months old, his typical fast food order which often included multiple stops, how he has lost almost 200 pounds, hosting his own boot camp every week and feeling the best he’s ever felt. Congrats Ricky Wayne on all your success! You can listen to our two part interview below…

Ricky at 555lbs and then after losing 128lbs

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Ricky Wayne Segment Part 2 Get Adobe Flash player

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