Sports Drinks, It’s A Fluid Story

From a fun amateur chemistry experiment in college, to a very successful and serious sports drink that a few sluggers on the Boston Red Sox are fueling up with. That’s just part of the Fluid sports drink story. The recovery drink first started in a salad bowl of Richard Smith’s college house in San Luis Obispo, California while he was attending Cal Poly State University. Richard was kind enough to stop by our ESPN studio and chat about Fluid and how it stacks up against the other guys. We talked about where the name fluid came from, what’s in his recovery drink and why, what is “natural flavor”, how soon after working out you should drink Fluid or any other sports recovery drink, the ratio of carbs to protein in Fluid and why, and a few other fun things as well. Listen and enjoy!

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You can check out for Richard’s nutrition school and blog. It’s a great read!

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Richard Smith in studio

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