Excouch Potato Turns Iron(wo)man: The Ironman Tattoo!

My new tattoo!

Excouch Potato Update- Sorry for the lack of blogging but I’ve been a tad busy… :)
Nov 20, 2011 I swam, biked then ran 140.6 Miles non-stop in 14hours and 17 minutes and became an IRONMAN!
Two Weeks later on December 3rd I ran a trail ultra, 34 miles nonstop up 5,000 feet of mountain at the SF North Face Challenge.
12 days later on December 15th I had a hysterectomy.
15 days later (today) I got my hard earned ULTRAWOMAN Tattoo in the Ironman font & with the letter M as the MDot Ironman logo!
Thanks to artist Jake Schroeder at Traditional Tattoos in Slo! WOOOHOOO!
Stay tuned for the ExCouch Potato Blog back online after the New Years with some new crazy adventures up her sleeve:)
Below are some more pics and here is my blog about the big race with more pics and a video! There is also the Youtube clip of my interview after the race on Living the Run! Great show :)  

Artist Jake Schroeder Traditional Tattoo










Getting my ink!

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