The Biggest Winner: How Gene “The Dean of Lean” Gomez Lost 300 Pounds

Gene Gomez "Before"

Gene Gomez "After"

          A few years ago Gene Gomez was suffering from type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, asthma, and depression. Now he is “The Dean of Lean” after losing 302 pounds! Gomez shares his amazing and truly inspirational story about how he lost all the weight, how he’s no longer taking any prescriptions, and how he’s never been happier. Congrats to Gene and his amazing wife Liz, who also lost 100 pounds! You want inspiration? I give you Gene Gomez…  

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Summary of Podcast, Fast Forward to These Topics:

0:45–  What his “before” numbers were

1:31–  Health issues

3:12– How he got to 525 lbs

4:08– Small steps to start

6:10– Weight Watchers

8:13– What he eats now, bite it write, nutrition and salsa trick

11:42– Cheating and treating

14:40– Workout plan and tips

16:30– Gene’s advice

Gene Gomez "Before"

"The Dean of Lean"

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