ESPN’s Doug Gottlieb Talks P90X and Lakers Celtics

Doug Gottlieb

How much time have you spent watching the P90X infomercial? I have logged countless hours watching those impressive testimonials, but I haven’t picked up the phone yet. Although, we did chat with ESPN basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb who endorses the program.  He says he has dropped his body fat percentage in half, felt great after 90 days, and is continuing the program. Gottlieb gives some great detailed information about the program, that even the world’s greatest infomercial couldn’t provide. We spent the first 21 minutes of the podcast talking P90X, then the rest talking about the NBA Finals. 

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Summary of Podcast, Fast Forward to these topics: 

0:47– How he got involved 

3:16– How P90X works 

7:45– How much time the workouts take 

8:38– Yoga 

9:32– Equipment needed 

11:40– Facebook question from LTR fan 

15:24– Doug’s amazing results 

18:45– My take on the program 

19:30– Mike & Mike in the Morning 

21:09– Game 3 of NBA Finals 

22:12– His connection to Paul Pierce 

23:15– Derek Fisher 

25:17– His Central Coast connection 

26:00– Glen “Big Baby” Davis 

27:08– Game 4 preview 

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