Stair Climbing, “Fun Logs”, And Resolutions

If you missed last night, Rex, Adam, and Paul interview now Record holding stair climbers Kacie Fisher Cleveland and Kristin Frey as they recap their 24 hour stair climbing epic event. Tune in as Paul and Kacey verbally battle back and forth and as the studio gets a few laughs in the process. Also, Virginia of Vert Foods teaches us how to make our own healthy ‘energy bars’ and Ryan Joiner of Athlon Elite encourages us to pick an exercise routine that we ‘like’ here in 2013.

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Resolutions and the New Year!
Vert Foods made some resolutions this year, and they included seeking deeper and harder into what is real food. How can we buy less packaged goods and stay away from some of the expense, marketing, and danger of food “products”.

Recently, there was a lot of disappointment on the web when people found out that Lara Bar was a major funding source for getting rid of GMO labeling and, well, came to make you ask “What is the source of their food in their bars?”

Finding out information can be distressing at first because inside you know you should throw that Costco size box of energy bars away, but it is just the perfect snack, breakfast treat, lunchbox item, pre/post workout item. . . . but there is hope!

Take these moments to open up the possibility of how you can regain control of your food. What can you do to fulfill your need and enjoyment for an energy bar? How about making your own energy bars? For a fraction of the cost, and not too much time, you can create some amazing, delicious and nutrient dense energy bars. So roll up your sleeves (remember that resolution to get more activity) and start rolling some bars (remember that resolution to play more and eat better?)!

And per request of the LTR boys, these shall so be named “FUN LOGS”:
Any type of seeds or nuts will work, but here is what I used:
1/4c raw poppy seeds
1/4c raw sesame seeds
1/4c raw sunflower seeds
1/4c raw shredded coconut
Mix all into a large glass bowl, set aside.
In a hand mill or a processor on low
Another 1/4c raw sunflower seeds
1/4c hazelnuts
1/4c pecans
6 raw pitted dates
1/4c raw currants
Mix the ingredients in the processor until just slightly chopped/mixed (don’t over process)
Add the chopped ingredients into a bowl with the seeds/nuts
Add 1/2cup coconut oil and 2 tablespoons cinnamon. I suggest you mix with your hands but you can use a spoon too if you need. The consistency should be like thick dough or Playdoh. Once it is well mixed, shape 2 tablespoons at a time into logs, or bars.
Place on parchment paper 1” apart. Put in oven at 180-200 for an hour so that bars can dry out on the outside. Take out, let cool and store in airtight container in the fridge.

-Virginia Marum Vert Foods

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