Edufii Owner Spencer Dennis, Exercise Tips, And Gluten Free?

Tonights show we  interviewed Golf Pro and owner of Edufii,, Spencer Dennis. Also, Virginia of Vert Foods talks her upcoming seminar on ‘How to cook Gluten Free’, and Ryan Joiner of Athlon Elite gives us an exercise tip to get us through the end of the week. Join us as always every Wednesday where we Live Healthy, Live Bold, we Live the Run!

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Just because it says Gluten-Free it doesn’t mean it is good for you!
I am shopping for the show tonight and began my journey at the health food store and my jaw-dropped to the floor! I haven’t even gone to the mainstream market where items like “Mike & Ikes” or “Gummy Bears” claim to be gluten free, however, every single ingredient on the back of the so called “healthy” gluten free box is human-made from a lab!
Like all food products, advertisers and marketers are using the craze of gluten-free to scam you into buying items that you think are not only okay but seemingly better for you, but in reality they are filled with toxins.

Check out the ingredients on the back of those boxes – they are all part of a mass production and sometimes a chemical production. Are these really safer than eating gluten? Is there a better choice for non-gluten food?

Looking at the ingredients, highlighted dangers such as soybean oil & canola oil (direct link to obesity) make the not safe list, and, of course, monocalcium phosphate makes the least healthy ingredient that is in this “healthy” man-made food, with a close next to the unknown “natural flavors” which means there is nothing natural in this, so the manufacturers have to put flavors in it to make it taste natural (this does not mean the flavor is made from natural items it means the flavor ‘s name is “natural” like blueberry flavor isn’t necessarily made from blueberries!)
The ingredient list gives vague hints at “real” food like rice flour and potato starches (think of the mash potatoes we get from a box?), and like other lab created items these flours and gluten free bases are a high heat, highly processed food product, whose source is not known, and created into a toxic substance that we are taught is okay because it is “gluten-free”.
There is lots of information out there about the safety of food products but I have to stick with my instinct on some of this – if it isn’t from a real food item, if it requires large machinery to manufacture, if it can sit on a shelf for long periods of time, and you need a chemistry degree to know what is in it, then it is not REAL or safe food.
How do we get away from this and began creating foods from whole, real non-toxic items? How do we cook with food products that aren’t as highly processed and that have ingredients we can pronounce?

I am showing people how! I will be teaching a Gluten Free course at Debbie Duggan’s Central Coast Culinary Art School on Jan 22 from 6-9pm. I will be teaching you how to create lots of amazing gluten free menu items that are both nutrient dense and delicious. You can call Debbie’s to reserve your spot: or call at 805.440.9190. You will learn items like the decadent Gluten-Free item tonight for the show, yet even in the decadence there is nutrients such as magnesium, protein, and valuable enzymes and fats!

Here are my ingredients:
12 Minute Decadence:
Ingredients: Walnuts, coconut oil, shredded coconut, cinnamon, 64% fair-trade
organic cocoa, coconut milk, org cage free eggs

Virginia Marum,

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