Super Bowl Champion Rich Seubert And Reasons Not To Fear Fat

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Fat Is Nothing To Fear!
Well, the fats that are good for you, and, yes, there is SUCH a thing. Without going into the long chemistry of why fats are essential – think how you can’t drive a car with fuel and no engine oil – I am going to give you this link to help you learn why fats are essential to our thriving.

In saying this, there is one type of fat I want to caution people against – the mass manufactured experiments of soybean oil and canola oil. These fats have been directly linked to obesity and other diseases and are considered very toxic.

So how do we cook with fats and what is the most important reason for them: Fat soluble vitamins like E, C, K, and A cannot be used by our body and pushed through our systems without fat. Here is the conundrum behind juicing, you MUST include animal fat or good fats like coconut oil (or avocado) for any of those valuable nutrients to be absorbed.

So here is a list of great cooking fats:

Grass fed butter! Good old fashion, real deal, no chemicals, not chemistry, BUTTER. A great brand available at Trader Joes is Kerrygold Irish Butter – it is also at New Frontiers but for a higher price tag.

Coconut Oil! Oh the joys and wonder of coconut oil, I think there are over a 100 documented uses for how to heal with coconut oil. And for now, thanks to some popular media, this is available organic and easily (TJs also has this product). Coconut oil can be used hot or cold in cooking. This is a great way to preserve naturally your baked goods as well as when mixed with chocolate as a double dose of healing, magnesium and mineral absorption, PLUS protects your adrenals from any of the caffeine or other stressor effects of the chocolate.

Olive Oil! We are probably all aware of the joys and tastiness of olive oil; however, my caution is please use this in cold cooking and not as much in baking, heating, or sautéing. The oil is unstable and the heat can began to render it toxic. If you want to use it in place of coconut oil in cooking as the flavor suits you more, please add some butter or a little bit of coconut oil to help stabilize the oil at high heat temperatures.

And last but not least the best kind of fat for cooking (and one your grandmother or great grandmother remembers) – RENDERED ANIMAL FAT – meaning chicken, duck, pork lard, or tallow. You can get these items by making broth and scraping the fat from the top or roasting meat and using the drippings. This is how gravy used to be made, how all frying in most countries happened, and is the most stable of all high heat cooking fats – “Duck and goose fat are quite stable and are highly prized in Europe for frying potatoes,” and beef tallow is by most countries considered” a good source of antimicrobial palmitoleic acid.”

Flip over those packages and make sure none of the manufactured oils are in your food products (you will be surprised how much they are – even dried fruits!), and contact me if you have questions on how to cook delicious and nourishing foods using fats.

Virginia Marum, Vert Foods

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