Rest, Recovery, And SLO Marathon

Rex welcomes guest co-host Spencer Dennis Also, we reconnect with AJ Toews of the Washington Capitals to talk rest, recovery, and how to approach a short season physically and mentally.

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Not all Carbs are Created Equal: Preparing for the SLO Marathon

Millet Cakes smothered in Chocolate Yams! Ban that banana because not all carbs are created equal!

Are you running in the SLO marathon? Are you using carbohydrates appropriately to prepare? Ban the banana and fuel your body with nutrient dense combinations to get you through the long haul! My newest ideas on how to get iron, magnesium, calories, carbohydrates, protein and potassium in a delicious way: Millet Ginger Cake is made from soaked millet (you can find this grain at New Frontiers in bulk) in blackstrap molasses, raw honey, nuts and seeds. Spread some chocolate yams on top and you have a power house of a marathon food. Chocolate yams are made from mashed yams, cinnamon, nutmeg, cacao, butter, almonds, raw honey, and vanilla. You blend it well and then bake at 350 for 15 minutes.
Most runners believe that a carb is a carb. The truth is that all carbs are not created equal. Some supply energy very quickly while others provide a slow, steady stream of energy. You will be able to maintain your training runs for longer periods of time if your blood glucose is stable. High GI foods cause a roller coaster effect. After eating a high GI food your blood glucose will soar causing you to crash shortly after.

Both these Vert Foods work with the idea of stabilizing glucose as well as that a marathon diet should consist of 65% to 80% carbohydrates. A powerful myth for athletes is the idea of carb loading, specifically the night before a big race, when the reality is your diet during training shouldn’t be that much different than your diet during the race, minus that during the race you may need some handy reinforcements to keep you going at about every mile 6 marker. You cannot run your car at full speed for a long distance if the tank is filled with water and not gasoline, and who would put bad quality gasoline in a race car? So fuel your system with everything your body needs to perform at optimum.

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