20 Cans 20 Days: Sue Kwon’s Award-Winning Mercury Report

Putting canned tuna to the mercury test. That’s exactly what  CBS 5 consumer reporter Sue Kwon did when she conducted her own experiment, and was the subject of her own report. Kwon ate 20 cans of tuna for 20 straight days. On day 20 her doctor called and said,”I want you to stop your experiment. It’s not worth the risk.”

That’s because her mercury level went from 4 micrograms per liter to 17.2. It more than quadrupled in just 20 days! Sue stopped by Living the Run and talked about her “unscientific” experiment. She provides some great tips and information that every fish eater should know. Including why the United States’ legal limit of mercury set by the FDA is double the level of some other countries, and why canned tuna doesn’t need to be labeled with a mercury warning like other fish are subjected to.


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Summary of Podcast, Fast Forward to These Topics:

0:55– How she’s getting the mercury out of her system

1:55– Why/How she did the experiment, sushi mercury levels

3:55– Results of her experiment

8:23– Is she still eating canned tuna

10:12– Prop 65 and the legal battle to label canned tuna

14:43– Advice to consumers

17:30– Mercury calculator, www.gotmercury.org

19:06– Levels of mercury in different fish

To view Kwon’s full television report check out the link below.


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