Milk Poll Results and New Fast Food Poll

Soy and dairy milk went toe to toe and put up a brutal fight against each other in last week’s LTR poll. But in the end it was soy milk doing a body good and getting a last second knockout to win by a single vote as the top “milk of choice” for LTR readers. In this week’s poll we are curious to know how many times you find yourself tempted to just simply drive-thru. The last few months I have been great about avoiding the dreaded drive-thru. ALTHOUGH, this past week I have found my self pulling up to window number two a few too many times! I always feel guilty afterward like I did something wrong. And that’s because I probably did. Even though many times we convince ourselves that because we opt for the “healthier” fast food options, that it’s not as bad. But, we need to remember these “healthier” options are usually relative to the rest of the fattening fast food menu. For me, it’s when I’m lazy and don’t go shopping that the drive-thru becomes a great option. Ok no more drive-thru’s for me for awhile. Cast your vote over to the right in that pretty purple box thingy. Below are last week’s complete results. If you have a suggestion for a poll question let us know!

What is your “milk” of choice?

1. Soy 32% with 8 votes (Champion!)
2. Dairy 28% with 7 votes
3. Almond 20% with 5 votes (I really like almond)
4. None of it does a body good 12% with 3 votes (This surprised me a bit)
5. Rice 8% with 2 votes
6. Coconut 0% (I haven’t tried it but I hear it really good)

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