Got Sushi? Got Fish? You Need Got Mercury

If you eat any type of fish you very likely “got mercury.” That’s because nearly all fish contain at least some mercury, and some are at very high and dangerous levels. So there are some things about mercury and mercury poisoning you need to know. Fish are a great source of high quality protein, low in saturated fat, contain omega-3 fatty acids, and have other essential nutrients. But fish also have mercury which can lead to very serious health issues. In fact, the FDA recommends that women who are pregnant, may become pregnant, nursing mothers, and young children, do not eat shark, swordfish, king mackerel, or tilefish. That’s a pretty big statement indeed! We first learned of when we talked with Sue Kwon, a consumer reporter for CBS 5 in San Francisco. Kwon gave us some great information after she did her award-winning report on canned tuna fish. When she came on our podcast she mentioned Got Mercury and all its great information and resources, like the mercury calculator. We got a great response from our readers/listeners about that interview and topic, so we decided to have Buffy Martin-Tarbox from Got Mercury on our podcast to dig even deeper. Martin-Tarbox provides some fantastic and imperative information that you need to know if you eat sushi or any kind of fish. It’s a short 12 minute interview that can make a world of difference for you and your family’s health. Thanks to Buffy for coming on!

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Podcast Summary, Fast Forward to These Topics:

1:30– About Got Mercury

2:07– Under cover mercury investigations in Los Angeles and San Francisco and their “alarming” findings

3:45– Advice for consumers, “don’t eat tuna at all”

5:15– Lower level mercury fish, wild salmon, “think smaller”

6:35– How the mercury calculator works

8:00– Important tuna study

8:30– Why the U.S. recommended level of allowable mercury is double that of other countries, and why EPA recommended level is much lower

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