Living The Run was originally launched in May of 2010 by journalist Ryan Foran. His original goal was simple, “Let’s talk everything health and fitness.”  Along with Co-Host and former Olympic Decathlete Paul Terek, this is exactly what they did.  They brought health and fitness to the radio on the central coast by interviewing professors, doctors, professional athletes, and more giving their listeners a wide array of health topics to learn from.  They did it with humor, class, and a ton of fun while staying consistent with the original mission which was to help educate and inform others about the powers and great satisfaction the field of health and nutrition can provide.

When Ryan promoted in journalism and was forced to leave the area, he let me know that either we find someone to take over the show, or that the show simply would no longer go on.  As a Chiropractor and Co-Owner of SLO Wellness Center (www.slowellness.com), father of 2 young boys, a fanatic for anything active outdoors, and as a guy who has always loved radio, it seemed like a perfect fit.  It took only one text to Co-Host Paul Terek and he was back!  I live health and wellness everyday.  My life revolves around it.  I am asked to speak to groups regularly because of the unique perspective I take on a myriad of topics related to maximizing our human potential.  I ask myself on an everyday basis at our Wellness center, “How can I take a  seemingly complicated health and wellness topic and help dissect it for patients to make it simple, logical, intuitive, and most of all easy to implement change.  Often times, the science uses difficult, technical, and confusing terms.  Couple that with marketing scams from fad diets, to sleep aides, to hormone replacement and we have a sure-fire recipe for total bewilderment.  It is my contention that this simply does not have to be.  At the end of each show, whatever the topic or whomever the interview, Paul and I will do a segment called “Tips and Takeaways”.  The goal is straightforward.  We want you as a listener to be able to take something home with you that very evening that you can use immediately to enhance your health and wellness.  We will keep it light and fun while shedding different angles and interpretations on common myths and misperceptions about food, exercise, supplements, and more.  As a patient rhetorically suggested to me not too long ago, “We are all Living The Run everyday, aren’t we?”  The resounding answer is absolutely.  Let’s all ‘Live The Run’ to the highest level we can physically, nutritionally, and spiritually.  Come join us from 6-7pm every Wednesday night on 1280 AM ESPN Radio.  If you have any questions, comments, or referrals for potential guests for our show, please e-mail me at rex@livingtherun.com or comment on our Facebook page.   Thanks for stopping by, thanks for Living the Run!

A big thanks to Matt Casanova for designing and creating our logos and graphics!


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