Guest List


Thanks to the following people who have appeared on our Radio Show and helped us Live the Run!!!

Van McCarty – 2012 SLO Male Marathon Winner

Carin Serba – 2012 SLO Female Marathon Winner

Nicole Hagobian – 3 time Olympic Trials Marathon Competitor, 2:40 Marathoner, Cal Poly Professor, and mother of 2

Tara Kulikov – Acupuncturist and Trainer for Pinnacle Training Systems ,

Shawn Michaels- WWF & WWE Wrestler

Ryan Joiner- Athlon Elite Owner

Ashton Eaton- Pro Decathlete

Nicole Bush- Pro Decathlete

Scott Cole- Fitness Expert, Abs of Steel

Richard Smith- Fluid Sports Drink Founder

Chris Randolph- Pro Decathlete

Michael Hughes- Gymnazo Founder

Mark Conover- Cal Poly Track & Field and Cross Country Coach

Linda Becker- Vision Walk

Kacie Bryant- Trainer and Gym owner

Danielle Lerner- KSBY News Anchor/Reporter

Mark Sinderson- Author

Sharon Day- Olympic high jumper

Ricky Wayne McCartney- A&E weight loss show Heavy

Sofie Andersson- Pro golfer

Constance Hart- Colar and aroma therapist

Angela Fisher- Circular Strength Training Trainer

Aeron Arlin Genet- Running Divas

Ardy Janku- Pilates Instructor

Kyle Shotwell- Former NFL player

Doug Gottlieb- ESPN radio host

Raymond Francis- Author and nutritionist

Ben Green- CrossFit Trainer

Jordan Hasay- University of Oregon All-American

Ian Parkinson- San Luis Obispo County Sheriff

Vanessa Stringham- HEAL SLO

Dean Karnazes- Ultramarathon Man

Gene Gomez- Lost 300 lbs

Marty Kinsey- St. Mary’s Cross Country Coach

Lisa Frack- Environmental Working Group

Julie McGinnis- Gluten Free Bistro

Mike Arone- Personal Trainer

Harry Marra- University of Oregon and Olympic Decathlon Coach

Erica O’Young- Rock Today

Ariel Wesler- News Reporter

Joe RubioAsics Aggies Running Coach

Dr. Rex Stevens- Chiropractor

Sergio Reyes- National Marathon Champion

Buffy Martin- Got Mercury

Dan O’Brien- Olympic Gold Medalist

Jani Johnson- Cuesta Track Coach/Race Director

Carina Corral- Health Reporter

Mitch Masey- Race Director

John Hackleman- MMA Trainer

Dr. Scott Reaves- Cal Poly Nutrition Professor

Samantha Pruitt- Race Director/Triathlon Coach (First Show 9/8/10)

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