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Samantha Pruitt: Excouch Potato Turns Iron (Wo)Man


Certified Heart Zones Triathlon Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, RRCA Running Coach and USAT Certified Race Director.

Samantha (Sam) Pruitt, daughter of English Immigrants, was lucky enough to grow up in the funky beach town of  Carpinteria, California. Then in her adult life has lived throughout the California Coastline, south from San Diego and now north in Arroyo Grande. Sam attended both Santa Barbara City College and Palomar Community College where she studied Business and Marketing Management.

After school she married and became a successful national sales and marketing professional in the cut flower industry.
Around the age of 25, the high stress of her work life and lack of self-care took its toll and her health began to deteriorate. Sam then divorced and moved her infant son to San Diego for a fresh start where she eventually got remarried to her husband, Dave and his three children. Together they ran his nursery business but again inactive lifestyle and poor nutrition further compounded her health problems until she found she could barely get through the day. Her weight ballooned up to 185lbs on her 5’4” frame but the Western medical doctors had no solutions, so in 2002, Sam went back to school studying Holistic Health.

She quickly realized that by taking charge of her nutrition, exercise and adopting a stress reduction lifestyle she could rebuild her health, body and life. In 2003, Sam and her family moved to Arroyo Grande and she became a Certified Personal Trainer to educate and inspire others to change their own bodies and lives. During her journey back to health, Sam walk-ran her first 5k race and over the next two years lost 50 lbs. In 2004, she took on the challenge of her first sprint triathlon by teaching herself to swim, riding a borrowed bike and showing up on race day with a can-do attitude. So empowered from her accomplishment, Sam embraced triathlon racing, became a Certified Triathlon Coach and started training others to share the experience.

Within a few years of training and racing Sam’s health started to fail again. Through her own research and the help of a registered dietitian, Sam was finally diagnosed with Celiacs Disease, an autoimmune disease that is triggered by gluten. Liberated by this knowledge, now Sam works daily to live a more balanced life and is highly motivated everyday to help others break through their own limitations to discover their best lives through multi-sport training and racing. In 2009 she  became a Certified USAT Race Director and in 2010 co-founded Get Off The Couch Potato Sports Productions to further live her passion of inspiring others to use sports as a tool to live their best possible life while giving back to their community. Over the last nine years Sam has completed hundreds of races from 5k to Marathon runs, Sprint Triathlons thru to Long Course Triathlons, became a 50 Mile Ultra Runner in 2010 and will become a 140.6 Mile IronMan in 2011. 



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