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LTR Radio: Our Final Show

Published on March 22, 2012 By T-Rex

Our final run… Thanks to everyone who supported our radio show, we greatly appreciate it. Plenty more thanks on the clip. Our website http://www.livingtherun.com/ and facebook page http://www.facebook.com/LivingtheRun are still up and running providing great health/fitness info. Our interview with Ben Green talking about Crossfit and a few more thanks and memories is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBEd9mLP6zY

LTR Radio: Gene and Liz Gomez Lose 400 Pounds! Plus 7 Super Foods

Published on January 18, 2012 By T-Rex

A few years ago Gene Gomez was suffering from type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, asthma, and depression. Now he is “The Dean of Lean” after losing 302 pounds! Gomez shares his amazing and truly inspirational story about how he lost all the weight, how he’s no longer taking any prescriptions, and how [...]

LTR Radio Show: Mike Hartman Heart Attack at 32

Published on December 13, 2011 By T-Rex

Coach Mike Hartman joins us to talk about his life changing heart attack he suffered at just 32-years-old. He actually flat lined, died, and then was shocked back to life. Two years later he has lost nearly 50 pounds and has completed a half marathon! He shares his experience and offers some great advice. Keep [...]

LTR Radio Show: Ironman Arizona With Samantha Pruitt

Published on December 1, 2011 By T-Rex

Ryan and Paul chat with Central Coast Triathlon Club Coach Samantha Pruitt about her inspiring journey of going from an overweight couch potato to an Ironwoman! She went from nearly 60 pounds overweight, tired, and feeling crappy to a lean and mean triathlon machine after recently dominating Ironman Arizona! You can read her training and [...]

LTR Radio Show: Healthy Thanksgiving Tips, McDonald’s Drops Egg Supplier, Philly Marathon Deaths

Published on December 1, 2011 By T-Rex

Ryan Foran and Paul Terek chat about healthy Thanksgiving dinner tips with Chef Nancy Walker from the Wellness Kitchen, the two Philadelphia Marathon deaths, why McDonald’s dropped its egg supplier, and Paul’s Wikipedia page and how it needs to be updated and what’s on it! Plus, we give big props to Samantha Pruitt who completed [...]

LTR Radio Show: Meditation Experiment, HOB Fun Run, “Failed” Ultra and More

Published on September 12, 2011 By T-Rex

Living the Run Radio Show 9/7/11: Ryan’s Meditation experiment and others, LTR’s 1 year anniversary, 5 Free Minutes with Cody who talks about his “failed” 100 mile ultra marathon, interview with Mitch Massey, Race Director for the Heritage Oaks Bank Fun Run in Paso Robles, and Carl Lewis “singing” the national anthem.

Radio Show: Track and Field World’s, Orthorexia, Jordan Hasay Interview Featured

Published on September 2, 2011 By T-Rex

Living the Run Radio Show 8-31-11: Track and Field World Championships updates. Chat about Maggie Vessey, Sharon Day, Ben Bruce, Stephanie Brown-Trafton, Ashton Eaton and Trey Hardee. Can you be “Fat and Happy“, the difference between Americans and Europeans, “Orthorexia”, the obsession of healthy eating. Manny Pacquiao and Terry Bradshaw sing and more! Our radio [...]

Post Show Report!

Published on August 31, 2011 By T-Rex

Paul and Max talk Tecmo Bowl, which Max has never heard of! How young is he anyway? Manny Pacquiao singing! Paul’s take on Maggie Vessey at the Track and Field World Championships. Plus, our one year anniversary is next week! The actual show will be posted on Friday.

Jordan Hasay Interview: 2011 Season, Olympic Year Approach, Nutrition and More

Published on August 28, 2011 By T-Rex

Jordan Hasay interview on Living the Run Radio with Ryan Foran and Paul Terek. Jordan comes on in Part 2. We talk about her sophomore year at the University of Oregon, going for the double at the NCAA National Championships, her red-shirt plans for next season’s Olympic year, and more. Here’s another interview we did [...]

Living the Run Radio Show 8-3-11

Published on August 7, 2011 By T-Rex

// For part 2 or other videos of the show check out our YouTube Channel! // // ]]>