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Talking Recovery With Decathlete Chris Randolph: Hyperbaric Chamber, Acupuncture, And Cold Laser Therapy

Published on May 9, 2011 By T-Rex

How do you get back to your best so you can put your body through it all over again? Chris Randolph, a professional decathlete, knows all about training hard and trying to find the best ways to get back to form. The two-time NCAA National Champion in and 2012 Olympic hopeful not only trains hard, [...]

Detox and Purification Cleanses, Are They Right for You?

Published on October 15, 2010 By T-Rex

Have you ever considered doing  a juice fast or some type of detox cleanse? There are many different ones out there, and many people swear by them, while others remain skeptical. Having done a brief juice fast myself, I was excited to have Dr. Rex Stevens from the SLO Wellness Center on our radio show to [...]