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Excouch Potato Turns Iron(wo)man: The Ironman Tattoo!

Published on December 30, 2011 By T-Rex

Nov 20, 2011 I swam, biked then ran 140.6 Miles non-stop in 14hours and 17 minutes and became an IRONMAN
Two Weeks later on December 3rd I ran a trail ultra 34miles nonstop up 5,000 feet of mountain at the SF North Face Challenge
12 days later on December 15th I had a hysterectomy.
15 days later (today) I got my hard earned ULTRAWOMAN Tattoo in the Ironman font & with the letter M as the MDot Ironman logo!

Excouch Potato Turns Iron(wo)man: “Excouch Potato…..YOU are an IronWOman!”

Published on November 30, 2011 By T-Rex

Let’s rewind to last Sunday, Nov. 20th 7am in Tempe, Arizona and re-live the proudest 14 hours and 17 minutes of my life, shall we? Just before sunrise, I stood wearing one of the 643 pink caps mixed in with the 1798 green ones, in a dark sea of wetsuit-covered bodies. Close enough to feel [...]

Excouch Potato Turns Iron(wo)man: Tick, Tock, Taper…

Published on November 17, 2011 By T-Rex

Sipping my drug of choice, Starbucks, in the warmth and comfort of my baggy sweats and living room couch  this first Sunday morning off from training in over 6 months I feel overwhelmed with gratitude.  It’s hard to believe I’m just a few days away from squeezing into my wetsuit, modeling my fluorescent cap & eye popping [...]

Excouch Potato Turns Iron(Wo)man: “Healthy Fear Fuels Your Fire”

Published on June 30, 2011 By T-Rex

I love this time of year! One reason is that is gets warm finally so both my open water swims and early morning bike rides get far less painful. Reason two is that I’m far enough along into my triathlon training season now to really see and feel some progress. Three is that my fellow [...]

Excouch Potato Turn Iron(Wo)Man: Sweet Athletic Dreams Are Made Of Zzzzzzz’s

Published on June 9, 2011 By T-Rex

This last rainy weekend really put a soggy damper on my Ironman training agenda when it kept me from my long 75mile ride on Saturday afternoon. Instead of joyfully spinning out my legs and lungs in the fresh air, I dusted off my indoor bike trainer and pulled out some training DVDs then rode virtual [...]

Excouch Potato Turn Iron(Wo)Man: Open Your Eyes To Everyday Inspiration

Published on May 11, 2011 By T-Rex

6 weeks into our journey together, you are probably getting a sense that I don’t take life too seriously. Yes, I am an average Jane excouchpotato who happens to be training for the toughest 140.6 mile race of her life, but my motto is “if it ain’t fun then I’m not going.” However, I don’t [...]

Excouch Potato Turn Iron (Wo)Man: Silly Kids… Toys Are For Triathletes

Published on May 4, 2011 By T-Rex

This last weekend I went on a field trip up at Lake San Antonio with my Central Coast Triathlon Club at the Wildflower Triathlon Festival. Over the two action packed days, I witnessed over 5,000 athletes of all ages and levels compete in many multisport events! Some competed in the Mountain Bike Sprint distance (.25mile [...]